If you’re planning a trip to Florence, you probably can’t wait to explore one of the world’s most beautiful cities. In fact, Florence has charmed and captivated its visitors for hundreds of years. Its stunning monuments, breathtaking countryside and unparalleled artistic heritage continue to draw travelers from across the globe. For many visitors to Florence, it’s love at first sight. Still, like the artwork of the great Renaissance masters who called this city home, its true beauty is in the details. In a city with over two thousand years of history and countless masterpieces, it helps to know where to look. That’s where I come in.

As your tour guide, my goal is to help you make the most of your experience in Florence. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get to know this magnificent city, and I offer a variety of tours that explore its unique history and culture. You can pick from the tours that I’ve designed on this website, or, if you’d like something tailor made just for you, I can plan a custom tour that meets your own individual interests. Whether this is your first time in Florence or you are a seasoned veteran, there are always more secrets to uncover, and I’d be thrilled to help! Just let me know which tours or sites you’d be interested in, which dates you’ll be in Florence, and some information about your group and I can get started putting together a tour that’s right for you.